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Franklin County Composite Squadron Color Guard Presented the Colors

Squadron Cadets presenting the colors
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C/SrA K. Floyd and C/Amn Kent part of the color guard presenting the colors at the Franklin County EMS Awards ceremony. Photo Credit: Lt Col. Lisa Armour, Franklin County Comp Sq PAO (click image to view full size)
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Color Guard Present The Colors

6/1/2016––Franklin County Composite Squadron color guard presented the colors at two different events in a week.

The first was the Franklin County EMS Recognition Ceremony on May 14th. The color guard presenting the colors was composed of C/TSgt Charlie Floyd. C/SrA Korey Floyd, C/SrA James Kent, and C/Amn Jackson Cashen. The color guard was also invited to have dinner with the Franklin County EMS.

C/TSgt Charlie Floyd, color guard leader, said "The EMS Awards Ceremony was a great experience for the Color Guard members and I. The Color Guard members were very proud to present the Colors for the EMS members in the proper manner, and to be a part in honoring them."

The second event occurred on May 21 for the high school graduating class of Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association. This is the 6th year that Franklin County Composite Squadron color guard has presented the colors for Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association.

The color guard members presenting the colors for this event were C/TSgt Charlie Floyd, C/TSgt Elizabeth Helbig, C/SrA James Kent, and C/Amn Jackson Cashen.

“I am happy that our color guard is doing this for Lighthouse again.” said C/1stLt Susane Toebes, the squadron cadet commander,. “I was one of the color guard the first year we did this. Last year I was one of the graduates and thought it was neat seeing my sister on the color guard.”