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Asheville Comp Squadron Holds Field Training Exercise

Asheville Comp Squadron training
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The Asheville Comp Squadron holds a field training exercise. PHOTO CREDIT: Maj William Wallace, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Exciting Event at the Asheville Regional Airport

2/1/2017––On Saturday, 28 January, the Asheville Composite Squadron held a field training exercise to enhance the member skill level for ground teams, communications, and UDF. The event was organized by Lt Col Rich Augur, Deputy Commander for Cadets. The primary instructors were Lt Col Bill Fleming and C/Capt Molly Boothe.

The exercise, attended by eighteen of the squadron’s fifty-eight cadets, was valuable in that it addressed the needs of a variety of levels in several SQTR’s. The participants came with a great range of experience and grades, from present Cadet Commander C/Capt Josiah Bilbrey to brand new members Cadets AB Eric and Michael Johnson. The exercise took place at the squadron’s facility at Asheville Regional Airport and included instruction with computers and communications and in classrooms, out on the tarmac, and in the woods nearby. The day ended with one third of the squadron cadet leaving the training with a greater level of operational readiness than when the day started. Well done, all.