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NCWG Welcomes its Newest Cadet Pilot

Cadet Donahue
C/Lt Col Daniel Donahue celebrates getting his pilot's license! PHOTO CREDIT: 1st Lt Mary Toebes, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Congratulations to C/Lt Col Daniel Donahue

2/23/2017––C/Lt Col Daniel Donahue has reached another plateau while pursuing his passion for flight. The 20-year-old recently passed his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot rating test, making him the first cadet pilot for the Franklin County Composite Squadron. Maj Frank Donahue, the Franklin County Composite Squadron Commander said, "this is the pinnacle of the CAP experience, you cannot do this in any other program."

Cadet Donahue scored a 94 on the FAA written test, with the national average being the low 80s. He passed his check ride at 40 hours while the typical candidate average passing is around 60 hours. Maj Frank Donahue pointed out that Daniel got his training in a G1000 aircraft which is more sophisticated than most Cessnas.
Cadet Donahue completed his initial solo at a CAP NCSA flight academy before he even had a drivers license. His training was mostly conducted with CAP planes and instructors. Thanks go out to Capt Steve Merritt, Capt Dave Stange, Maj James Brantley and Capt Jason Wilkinson for helping to make it happen!
Capt Dave Stange remarked, "getting your rating through CAP is huge." When asked about Cadet Donahue, Capt Stange was thoughtful before saying, " it is enjoyable to fly with a student that shows up prepared. Daniel is a solid pilot, a good stick."
When asked how it felt to solo for the first time, Cadet Donahue smiled and exclaimed, "concern at first but confidence afterwards." It should be added that he soloed at only 10 hours which is much earlier than the typical 15-20 hours.
Cadet Donahue has wanted to be a pilot from the beginning of his CAP career. It was the main reason he joined CAP. When asked what he would tell other cadets wanting to become pilots, Daniel thought for a minute and remarked, "it is possible if you work hard."