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Lt Col Courtney teaches Aircrew School
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Lt Col Wallace Courtney teaches at Basic Aircrew School at NCWG HQ. PHOTO CREDIT: Capt Lynne Albert, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Asheville Comp Squadron team leads instruction


On Saturday, 8 April 2017, they rose before dawn, dressed in their flight suits and headed out to the airport.  As the sun arose, the Asheville crew of Lt Col Wallace Courtney, Maj Rheta Courtney and Capt Scott Stevens took off to the East and flew towards Wing headquarters.

After landing in Burlington, they unloaded the hot coffee and donuts and set up the 300 PowerPoint slides needed to teach Basic Aircrew School. As the students checked in from around the Wing, the instructors started with a group session – teaching general principles such as weight and balance, sterile cockpit rules and how to complete Form 104.

Once the group session was finished, the students broke into three separate classes to learn the detailed duties of becoming a Mission Scanner, a Mission Observer or a Mission Pilot.

One of the cadet students present, C/TSgt Cameron Albert noted, “who knew that the aircrew had to do so many things at once!?!”

The Aircrew School finished in the late afternoon and the students clapped in grateful appreciation for all they had been taught.

As the long teaching day drew to a close, the Asheville Comp Squadron team lifted off and banked to the West - headed towards the setting sun and home.

Another successful mission accomplished.