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NC-111 Takes Final C-130 Flight

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The final nine cadets of the 111th Search and Rescue Squadron stand in front of their C-130 just prior to their first and last C-130 ride with the 145th Airlift Wing at the Charlotte Douglas based Air National Guard unit. Later this year the unit will transition to the larger Boeing C-17 strategic airlifter. Photo Credit: 1st Lt H.J. Bentley III, CAP (click image to view full size)
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111th Search and Rescue Comp Squadron cadets get last flight on legendary aircraft

11/13/2017––As twilight faded across the Charlotte skyline, nine cadets from the 111th Search and Rescue Squadron loaded for the final time on board a C-130 from the 145th Airlift Wing. Transitioning to the larger Boeing C-17 aircraft later this year, the members of the Charlotte-based Air National Guard Wing still are required to maintain currency on the venerable C-130 aircraft and offered up 10 seats to the Civil Air Patrol squadron.

“This will be our last chance to fly our squadron members,” said C/2nd Lt Dylan Gulla. “Due to the change over to the C-17 and the end of the fiscal year, this will be our last flight.”
“Over the past 15 months, Cadet Gulla has been instrumental in working with me as well as cadets and senior members from 11 other squadrons across the North Carolina Wing making it possible to fly on the C-130 out of the 145th. Without his diligence and perseverance none of these flights would have been possible,” said Major Sherry Haskell, Deputy Commander for Cadets for the 111th.
Major Haskell also thanked Major Jason D. Bondurant of the Air National Guard for his efforts in working with members of the 111th in securing near monthly flights with the ANG unit over the last year.
But Gulla isn’t resting on his laurels. He is currently working to secure more flights with other units around the state in the near future.
As EPIC 56 flared for landing at the Charlotte Douglas airport, broad smiles erupted across the faces of the cadets after experiencing their first and last C-130 ride with the 156th Airlift Squadron and the 145th Airlift wing.