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New FM Radio Capability at Cape Fear Regional Jetport

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Maj Fred Draper and Maj James Newton of NC-169 install the new radio antenna at the Cape Fear Regional Jetport. Photo Credit: Maj Martin Heller, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Civil Air Patrol installs new ground based radio and antenna

10/17/2019––The new Cape Fear Regional Jetport’s terminal building, in Southport, North Carolina is now home to the Brunswick County Composite Squadron (NC-170) of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and the local Experimental Aircraft Association chapter. In conjunction with CAP National Headquarters (NHQ) and the NC Wing, NC-170 and the airport wanted to add FM radio capability as part of the jetport's construction. 

To make this happen, NHQ supplied 250 feet of antenna wire which was pre-positioned allowing use of the new antenna tower located next to the terminal. NHQ also supplied the antenna, the antenna tower stand-off, and the radio.  Maj Fred Draper and Maj James Newton of NC-169 installed the radio after Capt John Matter of NC-170 installed the cabinetry. 
The NC Wing team mounted the radio antenna as high as they safely could, but they did not have the equipment to raise the antenna to its ultimate height - which would provide greater coverage.  Fortunately, the Brunswick Electric Management Corporation (BEMC) had the needed equipment and they elevated the antenna to its final high position. The next day, BEMC Line Technicians re-positioned the antenna for optimal coverage. Now, NC-170 members can coordinate securely with aircraft when needed.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help NC-170 get this ground based, FM radio capability.