Password Reset Instructions

If you need to reset your NCWG Paperless Wing credentials, follow these instructions. If you want help with your NCWG email account, contact your assigned IT officer.

  1. Make sure your NCWG email account is set up and working. If you can't access your NCWG email account, talk to your assigned IT officer for help with this.
  2. Enter your CAPID and NCWG email address into the form below.
  3. Check your NCWG email account for an email with a link. Click the link.
  4. The form will ask you if you're sure you want to reset your password. If you agree, then it will email you a new password. That's your password. You should then reset your password normally so that you have a password that you can remember.

If any of this doesn't work as you expect, contact your assigned IT officer. If THEY can't help, have them contact THEIR next IT officer in the chain.

Your NCWG Email Address